Ascot Cardiology Symposium for General Practitioners 2013

Saturday 13 April, 8.00am to 4.30pm

(To view videos and download presentations click on the links below)
Session 1: Coronary Heart Disease
The Bioresorbable Vascular Stent Dr Albert Ko
Case History 1 : Sorting out chest pain in general practice Dr Albert Ko / GP Panel
Non Coronary Cardiovascular Interventions Dr Mark Webster
Case History 2 : Managing patients post coronary interventions Dr Mark Webster / GP Panel
Session 2: Controversies in Cardiovascular Disease Management
Pradaxa in AF – is there still a role for Warfarin? Dr Hitesh Patel
Case History 3 : AF management Dr Hitesh Patel / GP Panel
CT Calcium Score and Statins in Primary CV Prevention Dr Selwyn Wong
Case History 4 : Aspirin, vitamin supplements and antioxidant in primary CV prevention Dr Selwyn Wong / GP Panel
Session 3: Sudden Cardiac Death – Exercise and the Heart
Sudden Death in Athletes Dr Douglas Scott
Case history 5 : Congestive heart failure Dr Warwick Jaffe / GP Panel
Exercise Program in cardiac patients Andrew McLachlan
Investigation of Syncope Dr Douglas Scott
Session 4: Heart Disease in Women
Heart Disease in Women Dr Warwick Jaffe
Case History 6 : Chest Pain in Women Dr Albert Ko / GP Panel
Cardiac Complications in Pregnancy Dr Claire McLintock
Case History 7 : Lipid disorders in Women Dr Warwick Jaffe / GP Panel